Upon entering the forest school, a visitor gives their consent to comply with these visitor order. It is in the visitor’s own interest to get acquainted with these visitor rules before entering the premises of the Forest School and to comply with its provisions.


Art. I.

Opening times


Opening times of the Forest School (FS) are continuously updated at


Art. II.

Visitor order – entrance fee


  1. Admission is valid to the Forest school building
  2. At the entrance to the building, the visitor is obliged to buy a ticket in the entrance hall, which must be proved at any time at the request of Forest school staff during the entire.
  3. The ticket is valid for one entry on the day on which the ticket was purchased. Purchased tickets cannot be returned.
  4. Admission and fees are subject to reservation


Art. III

Operational and organizational security


  1. Entry to the FS premises is allowed only with the accompaniment of a forest pedagogue. The size of the groups depends on the operational capabilities of the building, respects the safety of the building, its exhibits and the capacity of experiential environmental teaching.
  2. The interval between individual entries is limited by operating conditions, security of the building, collection items and visitors.
  3. The performance of pedagogical supervision during the program is ensured by the registered schools.
  4. During the program is made photo documentation and used for educational and promotional activities of the forest school (registered schools will ensure the acceptance for photo publishing from the child’s legal representative.)
  5. Within the programs can participate min 10 and max 25 people (or others in agreement with management FS).
  6. The time of one lesson depends on the topic, activity and age of the group.



Art. IV.

Obligations of visitors


  1. The visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of the staff when entering the FS.
  2. Children up to 10 can enter the FS only when accompanied by an adult person, who is responsible for their behaviour.
  3. School groups as well as organised groups of children must be supervised throughout the whole visit of the FS by the appointed supervision.
  4. Visitors are not allowed to enter the FS premises with umbrellas, large bags, rucksacks, or other luggage (personal items can be stored in the cloakroom).
  5. The visitor of the FS is obliged to behave in such a way, that he does not endanger his health, or the health of other visitors and employees of the Forest School. Barrier-free access is provided. Take care on stairs. It is forbidden: to lean out of the terrace and lift children on the windowsills, to lean over the edges of the protective wall of the terrace and sit on it, to move spontaneously without supervision in the FS premises, to touch the exhibits. Take care on uneven surfaces and steep slopes around the landscape.
  6. It is the visitor’s duty to hand over the objects found in the FS building to the FS management, who will secure them and later hand them over to the owner.
  7. If the visitor damages the property, he is obliged to pay the damage in full range.
  8. Damage caused by children under the age of 18 is fully responsible to the child’s parents, legal guardians, or pedagogical supervision. In the event of damage apply generally binding regulations.
  9. FS is not responsible for any accidental injuries caused by a violation of these rules or through his own carelessness.
  10. Visitors are required to restore all items they used in the program.


Art. V.

Object protection, security and protection of collection items


  1. Visitors are obliged to respect the instructions of the FS staff. In the event of disobedience to instructions or instructions issued in the interest of the safety of visitors, the object or the collection, the visitor will be banished from the FS premises.
  2. Person who is visibly under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics and drugs is denied to enter a building and expositions. Entry to the FS premises may be denied to a person whose visit could demonstrably disturb order, safety and cleanliness. Visitors are not allowed to enter the FS premises in very dirty or otherwise unsuitable dress.
  3. At the moment of finding damage or finding the loss of the collection item during the program, all visitors located in the building at this time are obliged to comply with all safety instructions of the staff of FS, as well as wait for the arrival of the Slovak police.
  4. It is forbidden to damage or endanger the objects in the ownership of the FS, its collection and educational aids in the interior and exterior of the FS
  5. It´s not allowed in the forest school:


  • To smoke and manipulate with the open fire in the whole area.
  • To damage and degrade the object in any way (painting on the walls, digging into the walls, etc.), equipment and collection items.
  • To pluck flowers, break branches and planted plants.
  • To touch exhibited showpieces.
  • To consume drinks, ice cream, chewing gum, food, narcotics and psychotropic substances in the FS building.
  • To bring weapons, pyrotechnics and other items into the building that could endanger the building, collection items or visitors.
  • To leave the de – limited areas of the program.
  • To disturb the continual progress of the program in any way, to limit and bother the other visitors by inappropriate and noisy behaviour, to disturb with noise (talking, music, singing, using mobile phones, tablets, laptops, radio, loud speeches and similar activities) as well as visitors. This kind of behaviour is grounds for immediate exclusion from the program.
  • To open windows and doors.
  • Enter areas that are not designated for the public.
  • Enter the FS building in roller skates.
  • Restrict the movement of other visitors.
  • Enter with a dog.
  1. Exceptions from the Visitor Rules may be permitted in reasonable cases by the management of the FS.
  2. Relevant developments (lost, founds, injuries, etc.) must be reported to the guiding staff.


Art. VI.

Rights and obligations of accompanying staff


  1. Guiding staff is entitled to warn the visitor of a violation of the Visitor Rules. In the case, that the visitor repeatedly violates the provisions of these rules, despite a reprimand, or refuses to obey the instructions of the responsible staff of the FS, the authorized employee may banish visitor from the program.


Art. VII.

Visits with pedagogical supervision


  1. Organized school groups of children under 18 years old are prohibited from entering the Forest School without pedagogical supervision (teachers, educators).
  2. Pedagogical supervision (teachers and educators) is obliged, based on the instructions of the accompanying staff, to ensure the smooth running of the program by supervising the behaviour of pupils and adolescent students.
  3. Wishes, compliments, comments and complaints can be added by visitors in the Guestbook, which is located in the entrance hall of the FS.


Art. VIII.

Final provisions


  1. These Visitor Order is binding for the activities of the visitor operation of the Forest School Levice.
  2. The Visitor Order will come into effect on the day that the director of OZ Podunajsko will sign this document.


In Levice, on 1st  March 2022

Ing. Jozef Habara

Director of OZ Podunajsko