Foresters raising publics´ environmental awareness

Program Interreg V-A Slovakia Hungary Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014 -2020
Title of the project: Foresters raising publics´ environmental awareness
Project registration number: SKHU/1601/1.1/009
Lead beneficiary: LESY Slovenskej republiky, štátny podnik
Cross border beneficiary: IPOLY ERDŐ Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság
Project start date: 01. 12. 2017
Project end date: 31. 05. 2020
Total budget: 1 438 788,96 €
ERDF contribution: 1 222 970,61 €
Budget of LESY SR, š. p.: 723 011,04 €
Budget of  Ipoly Erdő Zrt.: 715 777,92 €
Acronym of the project: SK-HU FOREST SCHOOLS


Project activities


Rationale for the project:

The ambition and objective of the project “Foresters raising public environmental awareness” is to promote the interest of inhabitants of Levice and Salgótarján region in the unique natural values of the borderland by means of original educational and cognitive objects in the given borderland with the emphasis on youth, which shall significantly contribute to the support of tourism.For ages, the foresters at both sides of the frontier have been aware of the fact that interest in and relation to cultural and mainly natural values of  a man significantly affect knowledge and publicly accessible information. However, they sensitively perceive the misunderstanding or unawareness of the importance of sustainable forest management from the side of wide public. There is the lack of premises for environmental education and forest pedagogy in the given borderland. Therefore,  in addition to the promotion of the natural values of the borderland, LESY SR and  IPOLY ERDŐ decided to outline this territory as a forest ecosystem and the importance of sustainable forest management while conserving it for future generations.The newly built educational centres, demonstration objects, educational paths and forest pedagogues shall get forest closer to the target groups on the area exceeding 10,000 m2. The Forest School of Levice shall attract on the area exceeding 4,100 m2 with its innovative concept, it shall be located directly in the city and in addition to visual observation and cognition elements, it shall introduce also the possibility of practical skill development. The Visitor Centre and the Forest School of Somoskő shall supplement the network of the facilities of similar character in Hungary on the area of more than 5 900 m2. The suitable position of the location – the ruin of Šomoška castle and Salgó, adjacent Geopark Novohrad-Nógrád, high forest coverage and TK Karancs-Medves form the conditions for a successful functioning and all-year round utilisation of the complex


The main goal of the project:

The main goal of the project is to increase the attractiveness and thus the attendance of the border region by using its natural values in order to improve the environmental awareness and science literacy of the young generation, through education by experts – forest teachers. At the same time, develop services and support ecotourism as a new, progressive, environmental form of tourism.

Specific objectives of the project:

To create conditions for the practical implementation of environmental education in the demonstration facilities of both partners, in learning centers and on educational trails, in order to connect the theoretical knowledge gained in school with practical skills through experiential learning of forest pedagogy. Ensure continuous training of pedagogical staff and forest teachers with the aim of using innovative forms of education, new teaching methods aimed at improving the environment, providing education and knowledge. Through joint excursions and discussions, deepen the mutual relations between youth, teachers, foresters, nature conservationists, tourists and local governments in the area of ​​interest, build the right value ladder for children, youth, adults and lead them to actively protect the region’s natural and cultural heritage, knowledge and common history. active way of spending free time. To increase the awareness of the inhabitants of border regions about the possibilities of using teaching spaces, practical workshops and educational trails to get to know the culture, history and nature with an emphasis on improving the quality of the environment and the development of the landscape. Facilities of forest school complexes located in the town of Levice and near Salgótarján with a catchment area of ​​180 thousand. people, offers opportunities for education, learning about the region and its natural resources. Activities will be possible in the interior of buildings, in the surrounding area or directly in the forest environment.

Project budget:

The total budget of the project is EUR 1,438,788.96, of which EUR 1,222,970.61 consists of ERDF resources.

The budget of the company LESY Slovenskej republiky, š. p. represents EUR 723 011.04.


Target groups:

The target groups of the project result from the nature of the project and are also determined by existing factors.

Direct target groups:

– the inhabitants of the settlements concerned and their surroundings,

– tourists and visitors of all ages – a place of knowledge, rest and relaxation,

– students of local secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens actively involved in the project through educational programs and events,

– primary school pupils in connection with a school in nature – interactive classroom, observation of life in nature – flora and fauna in mini-miniature and on the green sidewalk,

– parents with children – subconscious formation of relationship to nature and cultural behavior,

– handicapped and handicapped – cognition in a barrier-free environment,

– vocational schools, professional public – teaching objects for forestry schools, horticultural schools, various courses – e.g. forest pedagogy.


Indirect target groups:

– school founders – expanding the educational offer,

– school administrators – at the same time project partners and complex owners.



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The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.