Offered programs August 2021

August 3, 2021 Forest and life in it
August 5, 2021 Medicinal plants and their use
August 12, 2021 Forest friends
August 17, 2021 Forest and life in it
August 19, 2021 What will tell the forest …
August 24, 2021 Forest friends
August 26, 2021 Forestry and Ecology, Hunting

Offered programs September 2021

September 7 Forest friends
September 9 Life of tree
September 14 The life of bees is fascinating
September 16 Medicinal plants and their use
September 21 Hunting trails
September 23 What will tell the forest …
September 28 Forestry and Ecology, Hunting
September 30 Creative workshops – work with natural materials

  • Reservation is not possible
  • Free term
  • Voľný termín pre verejnosť 9:00h, 10:30h

  • pedagogical supervision during the program activities (the duration of the program) is ensured by the registered schools
  • During the program is made photo documentation and used for educational and promotional activities of the forest school (registered schools will ensure the acceptance for photo publishing from the child’s legal representative.)
  • the offered daily program is realized twice a day – morning/ afternoon
  • free dates for visitors are always added one month in advance
  • number of visitors is limited, at least 10 and maximum 25 people within programs (possible the other number of visitors after deal with forest school management )
  • the time duration of one lesson depends on the topic, activity and age of the visiting group
  • if required, it is possible to order a special program after the deal with the management of the forest school
  • possibility of self-teaching natural science subjects (learning based on experience) with the possibility of providing/ supplying teaching aids
  • possibility of education trainings, discussions, conferences… after the deal with FS (forest school)

  number of kids
  number of teachers / adults
  z toho ZŤP
  group size
0-6 years (kindergarten)
11-12 years (6th year)
6-7 years (1st year)
12-13 years (7th year)
7-8 years (2nd year)
13-14 years (8th year)
8-9 years (3rd year)
14-15 years (9th year)
9-10 years (4th year)
16-18 years (high school)
10-11 years (5th year)
adults, seniors

  • Sensory perception of nature, experiential games
  • System of equipment and preparations for learning about individual components of nature, forest. Expanding information to basic knowledge, mediated by experiential learning.
  • Project teaching
  • Innovative knowledge of natural laws, holistic development of personality, support of presentation and communication skills, develop creative thinking
  • Discussion forums on current environmental topics
  • Multimedia set, for the screening of educational documentaries, open discussions with experts on the issue
  • Workshops
  • Work with natural materials, development of aesthetic perception, the possibility of using wood as a strategic raw material

After pre-registration, contact the management of the forest school in the coming days regarding the next steps, or the addition of information and requirements.