Experience based learning at Žuhračka – Gallery

As usual, when you decide to organize an open-air event, the weather is always the most uncertain element. And so, on May 21, we eagerly awaited whether we managed to choose the right day to organize the second year of the “Žuhračka pro všechny” event. After all, last week it was pouring in like a mess, and if it were to continue on this day, it would be a pity for all of us, both the organizers – Levice Branch Plant and the Regional Forestry Chamber Bratislava, as well as schools and schoolchildren who took part in participating. this new experiential-educational event.

As stated in the invitation for primary schools near Žuhračka, the active use of the hunting lodge Žuhračky as an object of our war history in the importance of SNP, protection of our beautiful nature, for patriotic and ecological education of our children and youth from Levice and surrounding villages is the highest priority of the event organizers. In other words, Žuhračka deserves to remain a public place so that it does not fall into private hands.

Again, there was something to offer primary school students. The following teams of forest teachers from branch plants presented themselves at fifteen locations: Levice, Topoľčianky, Prievidza and Sobrance. This year we also had a forest pedagogue from the General Directorate of Banská Bystrica. The Association of Taxpayers of Slovakia presented how forest management plans are being prepared, according to which professional forest management, restoration, logging but also afforestation are carried out in forests at a site dedicated to forestry taxation. Another, no less interesting area was the provision of first aid in the forest with practical demonstrations. Thanks to the volunteers of the Slovak Red Cross, Levice Territorial Association, she is responsible for her expert interpretation of this topic. At the TANAP state forest site, Janko Slivinský presented the necessity of active participation of foresters in the rescue of Tatra forests, which is threatened by the calamity calamity. The sick forest cannot fulfill societal functions.

A kind of hottie has traditionally been a place where the honorary chairman of the hunting association, Jozef Hlásnik, talks to children about forest and field animals in the forest, imitates their sounds and is able to establish a friendly relationship with them in an engaging competitive form. At the end of the event, members of the TASSAT association presented practical demonstrations of the fighting between Soviet and German military units, which took place during the Second World War in the vicinity of Žuhračka. The enrichment of this year was a computer presentation of the history of the origin and construction of the Žuhračka manor, which was prepared by the employees of the state archive Nitra – Levice workplace. The presentation of history was all the more fascinating because it took place in an old military tent, which was lent to us for the event by Jozef Hostinský – TASSAT association. Historian Margaréta Nováková from the Tekovské Museum in Levice also prepared materials on history in Hungarian, as schoolchildren from Hungary took part in this event as part of the Cross-Border Cooperation project.

The whole day was accompanied by nice weather, good mood and cheerful laughter of children. And so we all received, regardless of age, a number of pleasant and instructive experiences, knowledge and inspirations from the event “Žuhračka pro všechny”. Many thanks to all participating employees of LSR š.p. and partner organizations of this project.

Finally, here is one of the many responses to this event

“We visited the Žuhračka for All event for the first time and we really liked it. The foresters prepared a very interesting, engaging and informative program for the children. Pupils learned about the history of Žuhračka and saw with their own eyes examples of struggles from the SNP. The habitats from cynology were diversified, where the children learned about the need and work of hunting dogs. These were especially interesting for the youngest children. We also competed in various physical activities, some even tried sawing wood for the first time. Such experiential learning was unique to us and our students. The provision of first aid was also very interesting. Thanks to SRC volunteers in Levice, we learned how to provide first aid in various situations. On the manikin, the children could try a heart massage and mouth-to-mouth breathing. The event was organized at a high level, attended by many primary schools and all were satisfied. We thank the organizers for a beautiful event in the beautiful surroundings of Žuhračka. We will attend similar activities.


Mgr. Monika Grófová, ZŠ s MŠ Čajkov

Ing. Jana Staňová, Vice-President of the Regional Forestry Chamber Bratislava